Nan’an Guang Tai Xiang Stone Co .Ltd is a large scale stone enterprise specializing in engineered marble and quartz processing,produce and research and project development. It covers on area of 120 thousand square metres and the volume of production is more than 2 million square metres engineered marble and quartz stone.

We have been manufacturing engineered stone with excellent R&D technical since 2004. Our commitment is to recreate marble, design color, create new surface possible manner, preserve natural resources and create a new product with superior technical characteristics. GTX engineered quartz emphasizes on stone innovation, quality durability and made-to-order to meet customers' requirements. Our skilled engineers will provide you with expert and complete solution.

1hard work, dedication, pioneering, truth-seeking
Since its establishment, the company has always been "diligent, dedicated, pioneering and pragmatic" as the value orientation of the company. It is the cohesion of the company's centripetal force and the spiritual strength of the company."Hard work, dedication, pioneering, truth-seeking" spirit of enterprise has penetrated to explore various aspects of production and business operation activities and company each link, is deeply into the wider tai cheung every employee's words and deeds, give a person with ideals, beliefs, give a person to encourage, to honor, give a person with constraints.

Company learned in practice: in the fierce competition in the business, survival of the fittest, some resource consumption is too large, the lack of technical personnel, poor overall efficiency of enterprises will be eliminated, and the thorough transformation enhances the enterprise the competitive ability and survival ability of backbone enterprises, will play more and more important role.To speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting the construction of resource saving and building a harmonious enterprise is every enterprise must seriously thinking and practice of the subject, rather than passive adjustment, less active to do.
2people-oriented, quality superior
In the course of the company's development, the company fully recognizes the importance of adhering to people-oriented, respecting every employee, mobilizing and exerting the enthusiasm of the staff.Believe that it is only through respect for employees' personality, emotional care, work on the trust, the treatment of the material, pay attention to exert the enthusiasm of employees, to fully tap the potential of employees, for enterprises to create greater wealth, make greater contribution to society.Staff also is not born to be good, of course, all need a process of constantly improve and grow, to enterprises in such aspects as values, code of conduct guidance and education, help them to set up the good outlook on life and values.Employees in the enterprise not only need to pay necessary, he need more from corporate leadership and colleagues respect for their personality and character, you need to the communication and exchange of thoughts and feelings, needs a sense of security, belonging and a sense of achievement, request the company on the system on the one hand, motivate staff actively "for good", on the other hand constraints employees cannot be evil.

In the current fierce competition in the stone industry, if you want to have your own place, you have to have your own talent and have your own advantages.The company is in the spirit of "hard work, dedication, pioneering and realistic", constantly expanding and innovating, keeping pace with The Times.Quality is the life of enterprise and the fundamental purpose of enterprise development.No good product quality, no matter how good the service, the interpersonal relationship is hard, the enterprise will not be able to establish a foothold in the market after all.In quality management, the company is involved in the whole process, and everyone participates in quality management.Every procedure in production, the company implementing overall control, inspection in place, complete records, put an end to unqualified raw materials into the factory, put an end to is not a product into the next process, eliminate certificate products.Timely find out the reasons for the next process and the customer feedback, take measures, deal with the solution, and prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.
3rational management, improve quality, perfection, excellence endless
Enterprise management is inseparable from management, and management is the eternal theme of the enterprise.According to its own reality, the company establishes the management style that accords with the company, and makes perfect, supplementary and adjustment in time, and takes management innovation as an important content of the concept innovation of the operator.One is site management.Company on the basis of field management, in pursuit of balanced and stable production, zero defect quality standards, equipment failure-free operation, safety without accidents as the goal, to optimize the production of each link, work hard to save energy and activity.At the same time, to push the scientific and efficient of production organization system, increase the existing standards, norms, and enforcement of management system, make the production field management to a new level.Second, quality control.Company through a variety of ways education staff, make broad worker really realize the product quality is directly related with the survival of the enterprise, and everyone is concerned about the quality, should the quality of the good atmosphere.Third, cost management.

The company adheres to the road of increasing efficiency, scale, expansion and intensive development.We will strengthen management and supervision of resource management and cost management, strengthen the management supervision of procurement and transportation, and lead the use of goods and services, and further improve the procurement system for the public bidding of premium and premium prices.Fourth, system management.We formulated and improved the company's rules and regulations, management procedures and post standards, and gradually realized the institutionalization and standardization of the management and operation of the company.
4the thriving social returns
What is the value and significance of an enterprise?This is a question that every entrepreneur constantly asks himself.The value of enterprises as an organization is the unity of intrinsic value and extrinsic value. The greater the external value, the greater the intrinsic value.Ecological balance, environmental pollution, excessive consumption of energy and waste are becoming a common concern of mankind.The development of stone enterprises must not be at the expense of other people's encroachment, human ecological environment and human future destruction.It is the responsibility and duty of stone enterprises to protect the ecological environment and save the limited mineral resources.

Company has been the respect and trust in the human society common values as a concept and code of conduct, seek enterprise values and the coexistence of universal human values, harmony, and build a conservation-minded enterprise, committed, repay society.
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Heyuan Artificial Stone selects the natural marble,shell,glass and mosaic as its main raw materials and the highquality high molecular polymer as the adhesive,and become green enviromental protection building material refined by ad-vanced production technology.
The careful selection eliminates almost all radiation elements in the stone,and adhesion by high performance adhesive after the pressure treatment greatly improves the strength of the stone.some are even stronger than natural stones.
The centralized burdening process in compounding thoroughly solves the color difference promblem that always exists in the natural stones decoration,and is especially fit for the large area pavement project. Bacauce of the restriction of the natural stone.The customers only can along with the plate size processing,but cannot design along with themselves decides.
However,Heyuan Artificial Stone produces the super thin large slabs of 3050X1250X12mm,which is much more superior to those natural stones.

1Decided to use artificial stone performance factors?
Decided to use artificial stone main factors performance density, water absorption, Mohs hardness, wear resistance, flexural strength, compressive strength, coefficient of linear thermal expansion, acid resistance, gloss, etc.

On behalf of the greater density of the molecular structure of the more dense, more stable product;

Water absorption is the percentage by mass of water sucked stone pores accounts to represent the quality of the stone, the stone has a different water absorption of different performance;

Flexural strength, compressive strength, the higher the quality, the better representative;

Mohs hardness of the wear resistance of the reaction is higher represents the better wear resistance;

Acid resistance, said anti-corrosive materials; Gloss is a reflective surface of the product level performance.
2Basic knowledge of artificial stone
1. What is an artificial stone?  
Artificial stone, artificial and synthetic stone also known, is the use of natural stone debris, by adhesives, curing agents, additives such as binder, and then by vacuum extrusion molding made of a decorative surface of the slab (block, plate ) material. Artificial stone slab (block, plate) material by cutting, milling, polishing and other processing, and ultimately made into a variety of decorative plates, shaped materials.   
2.What are the classification of artificial stone?
Artificial stone is a synthetic decorative materials. According to the binder can be divided into organic (resin) artificial stone and inorganic (cement) class artificial stone and organic-inorganic composite artificial stone categories.
 Three kinds of artificial stone decorative materials to organic (polyester) most commonly, their physical and chemical properties are also the best, including artificial marble, artificial quartz stone, acrylic sheet and so on.

3. Artificial quartz stone and artificial marble What is the difference?
Artificial marble is a natural marble as the main raw material, the main component is calcium carbonate; artificial quartz stone is a natural quartz stone as the main raw material, the main ingredient is silica.
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