The artificial stone factory introduces the precautions for the use of artificial stone


The artificial stone factory introduces the matters needing attention in the use of artificial stone.
1. Do not place high-temperature objects directly on the table. When placing high-temperature objects, brackets with rubber feet, heat insulation pads and other heat insulating materials should be added under the placed objects;
2. Do not scald the countertop with boiling water immediately after rinsing the countertop with cold water, so as to prevent the artificial marble countertop from bursting due to sudden cooling and sudden heating in a short period of time;
3. Do not drag heavy objects directly on the table in order to keep the table clean and beautiful;

artificial stone factory
4. Do not use the countertop as a cutting board to directly cut or chop various items; (reminder: add a rubber non-slip mat or towel under the cutting board)
5. Do not let heavy objects or sharp objects hit the surface of artificial stone to prevent leaving marks;
6. Avoid contacting the countertop with some organic solvents, such as paint remover, deglazing water containing acetone, pine perfume, etc., which may damage the gloss and smoothness of the countertop and cause stains.
7. Artificial stone factory will introduce to you: normal use will be fine. But if the hot object comes into direct contact, it will easily burst. Remember!